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Telecommunication power systems are responsible for every-day internet, high-speed data, telephone, and other communication services. As global demand for these services continues to increase, the need for reliable wireless telecommunication backup equipment rises. Telecommunication DC battery backup and hydrogen gas detection for telecoms ensures the telecom system stays live in an event of a power failure. The most common backup configuration for telecom sites is a 48V lead-acid real-time battery monitoring system which is critically relied upon for uninterrupted service and efficient operation.

Monitoring and maintaining telecom batteries can ensure up-time so that the system stays live during any power disruptions or failures. Critical central offices and remote sites benefit from battery monitoring and testing, where batteries can face harsh environmental conditions that shorten the overall lifespan of the battery. Preventative maintenance on these systems helps to prevent unexpected battery failure which can lead to hazardous working conditions, fire, network outages, and potential loss of customer base.

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