GC-1000 High Frequency Golf Cart Battery Charger

Model # GC-1000

The Eagle Eye GC-1000 Golf Cart Battery Charger is a high frequency automatic battery charger for golf cart batteries. The GC-1000 is compatible with various 36V and 48V vehicle models, including E-Z-GO, Club Car, and Yamaha. The GC-1000 is lightweight, easy-to-use and can begin a charge cycle with batteries as low as two volts. Red, yellow and green LED lights on the unit indicate the charging status. The float feature allows for batteries to maintain full charge at the end of a charge cycle. In addition, the GC-1000 has overload protection, and charging will be interrupted if the maximum temperature has been exceeded, protecting the batteries from over temperature and thermal runaway.

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Technical Specs

Voltage / Amps:12V / 15A
24V / 20A
36V / 25A
48V / 20A
12, 24, 36, 48V / 30A
Universal Input:100 - 240 VAC
Vehicle Types:Pallet Jacks
Scissor Lifts
Scrubber-Sweepers (Nilfisk-Advance, Tennant, Factory Cat, Karcher, Powerboss & more)
Connector Types(1):Standard: Anderson SB50 (grey)
Optional: Anderson SB50 (red)
Optional: SB175 Pigtail
Display:LED Display: Red / Yellow / Green Lights
Dimensions:178 x 305 x 102 mm (7 x 12 x 4 in.)
Weight:5.1 kg (11.25 lbs)
Compliance:UL Approved


I have multiple brands of golf carts; do I need a charger for each?
Multiple connection plugs are available with the GC-1000 golf cart battery charger, which you can switch out for your charging needs.

Does the GC-1000 work with all battery types?
Yes, the GC-1000 is available to work with AGM, GEL, and flooded batteries.

Do I need to disconnect the battery upon full charge?
No, the GC-1000 golf cart charger has a built in float charge feature that will keep batteries topped off once charging is completed. This will prolong the battery charge & life.


  • Fully automatic battery charger for golf cart batteries
  • Thermal cut-off and automatic overload protection
  • Short-circuit and reverse polarity protection
  • Begin charge cycle with batteries as low as 2 volts
  • Float feature allows for batteries to maintain full charge at the end of charge cycle
  • Lightweight and portable with carrying handle
  • UL Listed

More Info

Charging golf cart batteries with the GC-1000 is simple, hassle-free and requires minimal set-up. The compact design with carrying handle allow the unit to be easily transported. The GC-1000 is efficient, user-friendly, and designed to work with many popular electric golf cart models. When ordering, specify which model and Eagle Eye will include the appropriate DC Connection Cable Plug.

Compatible Vehicle Models:

  • 36V-E-Z-GO
  • 48V-E-Z-GO
  • 48V-E-Z-GO TXT
  • 36V Club Car / Yamaha G9, G14, G16
  • 48V Club Car
  • Yamaha G19, G22
  • YDRE Yamaha

Kit Includes:

  • GC-1000
  • DC Connection Cable Plug (specific for golf cart model)
  • User Manual

Charging electric golf carts properly will prolong the life of your batteries and ensure they are running at peak performance at all times. Minimize the need for costly battery replacement costs and eliminate mechanical service and parts associated with gas-powered golf carts. Eagle Eye offers many motive power battery chargers and testing solutions - contact us for more information on battery maintenance.

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