PRC-005-6 Operation & Battery Maintenance Compliance

On-Site Training: PRC-005-6 Operation & Maintenance Compliance
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Full training itinerary as follows:

This course is designed to help Utility Companies ensure that their battery operation and maintenance procedures are in compliance with the battery maintenance requirements of NERC PRC-005-6. The course will include a review of battery power system maintenance fundamentals, inspection methods both manual and automated, interpretation of the data collected and the required record keeping. This course is intended for all personnel with responsibility for the implementation and operation of a compliant battery monitoring program.

Morning Session (4 Hours):

Regulatory Requirements

  • Safety
    • Electrical
    • Chemical
  • International Building Codes
  • PRC 005-6

Maintenance Methods

  • Preventive
    • IEEE Recommended Practices
  • Predictive
    • Real-Time Battery Monitoring

Inspection Methodology

  • Visual
    • Rectifiers
    • Cabling
    • VLA Batteries
    • VRLA Batteries
  • Basic Parameters Collection & Analysis
    • Voltages
    • Current
    • Temperatures

Afternoon Session (4 Hours):

Battery Condition Evaluation

  • Unit Ohmic Readings
    • Resistance
    • Impedance
    • Conductance
  • Limit Based Analysis
    • Limit Settings
  • Trend Based Analysis
    • Trend Interpretation
  • Online Real-Time Battery Monitoring
    • Benefits
  • Discharge Testing per IEEE Recommendations
    • Acceptance
    • Service
    • Capacity

Record Keeping

  • Regulatory Requirements
    • PRC-005-6
  • Warranty
    • Manufacturers Requirements

Course Evaluation

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    PRC-005-6 Operation & Battery Maintenance Compliance Training Course

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