Battery Discharge Testing and Analysis

Battery Discharge Testing and Analysis Course
Two-Day Training | Eagle Eye Power Solutions Headquarters | 2020: September 14 - 15
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Full training itinerary as follows:

This course will outline each of the steps required to prepare and carryout a battery discharge test in accordance with IEEE recommended practices. It will include hands on training during which both a constant power capacity discharge and a service discharge using a typical substation load profile will be carried out.

Day 1:

Why Battery Discharge Testing

  • Recommended Maintenance Practices
  • Ohmic Measurement
  • Battery Capacity

Discharge Test Types

  • Acceptance
  • Capacity
  • Service

Initial Battery Condition Assessment

  • Maintenance Records
  • Visual Inspection
  • Connection Resistance

Operational Requirements

  • Risk Assessment
    • Loss of Service
    • Safety
  • Method of Procedure
  • Customer Approval

Test Set Up

  • Load Bank Location
  • Connections
  • Test Parameter Setup

Battery Discharge Test

  • Data Collection
  • Unit Failure
  • Unit Bypass

Data Analysis

  • Capacity Calculation

Day 2:

Hands On Training

  • Setup and Operation of Load Bank to be used
  • Perform Two Discharge Tests:
    • Capacity Test
    • Service Test
  • Calculate Battery Capacity based on Test Results

Battery Discharge Tests

  • Evaluation of Discharge Test
  • Alternate procedures by which the discharge test can be carried out

Course Evaluation

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    Battery Discharge Testing and Analysis Training Course

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