Eagle Eye University | Battery Discharge Test and Analysis Course

Battery Monitoring Training Courses Eagle Eye University offers a multitude of classes through the year ranging in topics from battery management, DC system design data analysis, safety, and IEEE recommended best practices. These training courses are located at our headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Our upcoming course will be held November 9-10th. This course will outline each of the steps required to prepare and carry out a discharge test in accordance with IEEE recommended practices. It will include hands on training during which both a constant power capacity discharge and a service discharge using a typical substation load profile will be carried out.

During the first day, the students will learn the importance of discharge testing and the discharge test types. They will discuss operational requirements and perform an initial battery condition assessment, test set up, discharge test, and data analysis. The second day will consist of the hands on training. They will perform two discharge tests: a battery capacity test and service test. The students will be given the load bank to be used prior to each hands on test. After the tests, the students will calculate the battery capacity based on the test results. There will be an overall evaluation of their discharge test, and alternate procedures will be shown by which the discharge test can be carried out

Attendees in different industries will leave with a better understanding of battery discharge testing and analysis. In addition to the in-depth knowledge they receive, a course certification will also be granted upon completion, which can be filed for continuing education units (CEOs). Learn more about the course here, and contact us to book your spot!

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