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EEU: Battery Management for Standby Power Systems

Eagle Eye Power Solutions has an upcoming battery training course in Eagle Eye University! December 7-8 will be a training course on Battery Management for Standby Power Systems. This course will provide an introduction on why and how to implement a battery management program. The program will cover all aspects of battery management from safety, battery types and applications, recommended practices, testing and condition analysis. The course is intended for all personnel who have responsibility for the operation and management of batteries in a standby power environment.

The course will be split into two days. On the first day, the students will learn about battery safety, battery theory for VLA, VRLA, NiCad, and Lithium batteries, and basic design principles and components of a standby power system. The last portion of the first day will cover IEEE Recommended Practices: 450-2010, 1188-2005, 1106-2005, 1497-2012, and 1657-2009. During the second day, they will go over battery operations, discharge testing, ohmic measurement, and data analysis.

Attendees in different industries will leave with a better understanding of battery management for standby power systems. In addition to the in-depth knowledge the attendees receive, a course certification will also be granted upon completion, which can be filed for continuing education units (CEUs). The courses are held at Eagle Eye Power Solutions headquarters in Milwaukee, WI. For any questions or to book your spot, please contact Eagle Eye directly or request a quote

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