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Eagle Eye provides utility power solutions, battery testing, and battery charging products to power utilities worldwide. Substation backup battery maintenance is one of the most critical aspects of ensuring power to consumers when there is an outage or a system failure. Without proper battery test systems and preventative maintenance, the Bulk Electric System (BES) is compromised - causing significant revenue loss and safety hazards. NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) is a not-for-profit regulatory authority that ensures the reliability of the BES by enforcing reliability standards.

NERC PRC-005 is the standard for Protection Systems Maintenance and Testing. PRC-005 continues to be one of the most commonly violated reliability standards in North America. PRC-005-6 requires utilities to document and implement programs for the maintenance of all protection systems affecting the reliability of the Bulk Electric System (BES). Check out our all-in-one Battery Monitoring System and download Eagle Eye's Solutions to meet PRC-005-6 Compliance guide.

All VLA, VRLA and NiCad Batteries are required to be verified, inspected, monitored & calibrated to meet PRC-005-6 Compliance. Battery monitoring and test systems will ensure proper inspection and allow for reporting, trending and hard-proof documentation of results. A variety of products and utility power solutions can be used to meet NERC compliance – including battery monitoring systems, resistance battery testers, battery chargers, ground fault locators, specific gravity meters, and AC and DC load banks.

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