Eagle Eye to Exhibit at IEEE Expo 2018

Visit Eagle Eye at Booth #3329 For All of Your Critical Power Needs!

IEEE Expo 2018

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Eagle Eye Power Solutions will be exhibiting at the 2018 IEEE T&D Expo. This conference will be held April 14th – 16th at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO, USA. Our friendly Eagle Eye crew will be at booth #3329 showcasing our newest line of industrial float battery chargers.

Our top of the line stationary battery chargers serves the utility, telecommunication, manufacturing, UPS and transportation industries. Our new product line consists of the BC-1000 Industrial Float Battery Charger,BC-2200 Modular Float Battery Charger & Power Supply, and the BC-2500 Modular Float Battery Charger & Power Supply.

In addition to our charger line, Eagle Eye also carries stationary battery monitoring solutions, load testing solutions, portable testing solutions, digital instrumentation, power technology solutions, gas detection and ventilation systems and battery accessories. Stop by booth #3329 to ask our Eagle Eye team about any of these products and their applications or download our 2018 product catalog here: 2018 Eagle Eye Product Catalog.

Furthermore, Eagle Eye is proud to present Eagle Eye University (EEU). EEU offers a hands-on approach to learning about battery management, DC system design, and safety as well as IEEE recommended best practices, real time battery monitoring systems, battery testing, and data analysis. There are on-site options available for all courses. All courses are taught by our instructor George Pedersen. George Pedersen brings years of hand-on experience in the battery/ power solutions industry that he translates into all his teachings whether it’s in the classroom or on-site.