BACS Battery Management System

Model # BACS-Series

The GENEREX BACS (Battery Analysis and Care System) is an integrated monitoring and management system designed for critical backup batteries.

BACS unique patented voltage battery cell balancing system ensures that all units within a string are maintained at their optimum recommended float voltage eliminating over and undercharging of units within a string to ensure maximum performance and longest life. Thermal runaway protection is included as standard. BACS also measures and records system voltage, unit voltage, unit resistance, unit and ambient temperature and load current (optional).

BACS is intended for use on up to 330 vented lead acid (VLA), valve regulated lead acid (VRLA), or nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cad) batteries. Installation of BACS is one of the most straightforward on the market.

Standard communication includes GENEREX’s BACS VIEWER battery management software for recording and trending measured parameters. BACS is entirely web based and can be installed on a private network on multiple PC’s. Networked systems can utilize SMS/Email alerts during alarm conditions. BACS can utilize Modbus or SNMP protocols for integration to a distributed control system (DCS) or SCADA (some limitations may apply).

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Technical Specs

Measurement Range: Battery Capacity: 5 – 6,000 Ah
Nominal Unit Voltage: 2, 4, 6, 12 or 16 Volts
System Voltage: 0 – 575 VDC
Load Current: ±999.9A (optional)
Accuracy/Resolution: System Voltage: ±0.5% / 0.1 V
Load Current: ±1% / 0.1 A
Unit Voltage: < 0.5%
Internal Resistance: 2 - 4v < 10% 6 – 16v < 5%
Unit Temperature: < 15%
Test Speed / Test Load:4 seconds per cell / less than 2 amps AC per cell
Measuring Interval:Adjustable from 10 min to 24 hours (cell/unit readings)
Data Transfer:TCP/IP to proprietary software, Modbus, SNMP
Data Transfer:TCP/IP to proprietary software, Modbus, SNMP
Internal Storage:Approximately 2 years (dependent on system size)
Operating Environment: Temperature: 0 – 60 °C (32 – 140 °F)
Relative Humidity: Under 90% non condensing
Power Requirements:Input: 18 - 250 VDC / 110 – 220 VAC
Dimensions: Webmanager: 130x125x30 mm (5.1x4.9x1.2 in.)
Module: 55x80x24 mm (2.2x3.2x0.9 in.)
GX_R_AUX: 75x75x45 mm (3x3x1.8 in.)


  • 24/7/365 Battery Management and Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Battery Management Software
  • Easy DCS integration
  • Meets IEEE and IFC standard recommendations for battery monitoring
  • Patented voltage balancing algorithm to eliminate under and over charging
  • Injects minimal current for measurement
  • Simple to install with custom, preassembled installation materials
  • Can be powered by AC or DC

More Info


  • UPS Systems
  • Power Utilities
  • Distribution
  • Financial Instiutions
  • Telecom/Communications
  • Oil, Gas & Fuel Mining
  • Government/Defense
  • Transportation Operations
  • Battery Suppliers and Manufacturers
  • Meidcal/Biotechnology
  • Generators

Battery Management Software

  • Displays and records system voltage, unit voltage, unit resistance, unit temperature and load current (optional).
  • Trending analysis of measured parameters on a string and cell/unit level with colored easy to read graphs
  • PDF and Excel reporting
  • Detailed log of alarm outbreak history
  • Email and SMS alerts
  • Automatically record, save, & playback discharge & recharge events

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    Battery Management System with Battery Cell Balancing: Up to 330 Cells/Units

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