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Eagle Eye battery racks have been designed for all types of stationary batteries for both standard and seismic applications. In designing these easy-to-use racks we have paid special attention to strength, flexibility, acid proof protection and more!

In addition, our battery racks are easy to assemble and disassemble with simple screws, plates, stringers and supports. Our standard offering includes single, two, three, & four-step and tier configurations. Customized battery racking options are also available.

Eagle Eye is a full solutions provider and also offers a complete line of Stationary Batteries and Spill Containment Systems.

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Technical Specs

Individual rack specifications vary greatly depending on size, type, application, etc. Eagle Eye will provide specifications during the inquiry/quoting process.


What are the common applications for this product?

  • Utility/Telecom
  • Marine Vessels
  • Military Applications
  • Off-Shore Installations
  • Custom Applications


  • Standard - Single, Two, Three & Four Step & Tier Configurations
  • Certified Earthquake Proof Battery Racks
  • Customized Racking
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