BC-2500 Modular Float Battery Charger & Power Supply

Model # BC-2500

Product Description

The BC-2500 is a Float Battery Charger and Power Supply based on a modular, redundant platform design. It utilizes high availability with uptime architecture. Available in 480W or 400W with hot-swappable Intelligent Power Modules (iPMs) with various ratings available at 24, 48, or 130 VDC. Multiple iPMs in a single chassis provide redundancy (N+1, N+2, etc.) and will continue to operate if the user interface module (UIM) fails. This ensures reliability for high availability/uptime applications. The BC-2500 features industrial construction and is available in 4 or 8-slot chassis options. It is compatible with vented lead-acid (VLA), valve regulated lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) battery types.

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Technical Specs

Alarms:Individually enabled/disabled assigned a delay, assigned a priority, assigned to the summary alarm relay
Alarm Relay:Form C, dry contact
Mounting:Wall, shelf, floor, EIA 19-inch and 23-inch rack (front or rear)
Communication:Ethernet; 10/100BASE-TX; auto crossover, auto MDI-X; RJ45
connector; support for TCP/IP, NTP, and SNMP Traps; internal
web server; ability to be used for networked comm or direct
comm (direct connection to a laptop)
AC Input:Voltage Range, Rated: 100 – 240 VAC
Voltage Range, Operating:
90 – 264 VAC
< 100 VAC: Reduced Power
Frequency, Rated: 50 – 200 Hz
Frequency, Operating: 45 – 205 Hz
Phase: Single-phase
> 91%, 120 Vac, full load;
> 93%, 240 Vac, full load;
Power Factor:
> 0.98, 120 Vac, full load;
> 0.96, 240 Vac, full load
Protection: Current limit, surge, transient, under voltage, over voltage
DC Output:Voltage Range:
24 VDC: 10 – 40 VDC
48 VDC: 30 – 61 VDC
130 VDC: 75 - 150 VDC
Power, Maximum, per iPM:
24 VDC: 400 W
48 VDC: 480 W
Current, Maximum, per iPM:
24 VDC: 10 A
48 VDC: 10 A
130 VDC: 4 A
Current, Rated, per iPM:
24 VDC: 10 A
48 VDC: 8.1 A
130 VDC: 3.3 A
Protection: Current limit, short circuit, reverse polarity, surge, transient
Operating Environment:12, 24VDC: -40 – 70 °C (-40 – 158 °F)
Storage Temperature: -55 – 85 °C (-67 – 185 °F)
Humidity Range: 0 – 95%, non-condensing
Certifications:UL 1012 and cUL/CSA equivalent; CE certified


What are some common applications areas for this product?
Common applications include but are not limited to:

  • Utility
  • Switchgear
  • Process Control
  • Other Industrial Applications

What are the mounting options for the charger?
The BC-2000 Charger can be mounted to the wall, on the floor, on a shelf, or on an EIA 19-inch or 23-inch rack (front or rear).

What kind of batteries are compatible to charge with the BC-2000?
The BC-2000 can charge batteries of a wide variety of types. These include Vented Lead-Acid (VLA), Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA), and Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd).

What operating conditions should the charger be kept in?
The operating temperature range of the unit is -40 – 158ºF (-40 – 70ºC), and the operating humidity range is 0-95% relative humidity.

What method of cooling does the charger employ?
The BC-2500 was designed to stay cool by venting air using natural convection, which avoids potential electrical and safety issues which often arise when fans are used.

Can an iPM be replaced (hot swapped) while the charger is on?
Yes, the charger never needs to be powered down to replace an iPM.


  • Modular, Redundant Platform
  • High Availability/Uptime Architecture
  • Industrial Construction
  • Natural Convection Cooled (No Fans)
  • Hot Swappable Intelligent Power Modules (iPMs)
  • Low DC Output Ripple
  • Battery Eliminator Functionality Standard
  • High Efficiency and CEC Compliant
  • Universal AC Input
  • Ethernet Communication Standard
  • Sophisticated Alarming and Logging
  • Wide DC Output Voltage Ranges
  • Battery Temperature Compensation
  • Remote Voltage Sensing
  • UL, cUL/CSA, and CE Certified
  • Factory Set, Custom Charger Profiles Available

More Info

Product Features

  • Industrial switch mode (high frequency) technology
  • AC/DC powered UIM for continued operation without AC
  • Heavy-duty construction for ruggedness and reliability
  • Natural convection cooled (no fans)
  • Conformal coated circuit boards for moisture protection
  • High energy efficiency of > 93% at 240 Vac and > 91% at 120 Vac and full load
  • Low DC output ripple - battery eliminator option standard
  • Universal AC input: 100-240 Vac, 50-200 Hz
  • Positive and negative ground fault alarms
  • Battery temperature compensation with controlled limits
  • Alarms can be individually enabled/disabled, assigned a delay, assigned a priority, and assigned to the Form C dry contact summary alarm relay
  • AC input and DC output circuit breakers
  • Ethernet for local access to logging data, and programming (using the Confirm Local Presence button for security)
  • SNMP alarming and NTP date/time sync via Ethernet
  • Real-time clock with battery backup
  • Full AC input and DC output protection
  • UL 1012 and cUL/CSA equivalents (pending) CE certified (pending)
  • Digital amp/volt meter included standard on all units
  • Factory set, custom charger profiles available for large volume opportunities
  • Certifications: UL 1012 and cUL/CSA equivalent

Web-Based Software

  • Internal web server uses a modern, responsive framework for attractive display on smart phones and tablets
  • Access on any desktop PC or laptop via web browser
  • View all measured parameters in real-time
  • Log up to 10,000 history records, downloadable to a CSV file
  • Ethernet communication standard for field or remote monitoring
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