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Model # Centroid Snet 2

Product Description

Eagle Eye’s proprietary battery management software, Centroid Snet 2, is included with all BMS-Series battery monitoring systems. This includes the BQMS, iPQMS, iPQMS-Pro, BDS-Pro, and BMS-icom battery monitoring solutions.

Centroid Snet 2 provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface to manage battery measurement data. It provides complete data analysis, including real-time viewing of parameters as well as trending on a string and cell/unit level. Measured data can be exported to PDF or Excel. Centroid can be used to monitor all battery systems equipped with an Eagle Eye BMS, this could include hundreds of systems installed over a large geographic location.

Battery Management Software Features

  • Real-time viewing of battery measurement data at a centralized location
  • Displays system voltage, load current, cell/unit voltage, internal/connection resistance, cell/unit temperature, and ambient temperature
  • Display fail alarms for electrolyte level and ground fault conditions
  • Set and manage battery alarm thresholds for all systems within the software
  • Color-coded graphs display measurement data against pass, warning, and fail alarm thresholds; view graphs on a string level or an individual cell level
  • Automatically record, save, and playback discharge events which record system voltage, load current, and cell/unit voltage through the duration of the discharge
  • Measured data saved into history log allowing trending analysis over the life of the system
  • Alarm summary pane for quick overview on the status of all systems
  • Email and SMS alerts during alarm outbreak
  • Create PDF reports or export measurement data to Excel
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Technical Specs

General Requirements:64-bit Windows based operating system (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10)
.NET-Framework 4.5 or higher
Active Internet connection for email alerts
Installation for management of a single battery system on a dedicated PC:CPU-Type: Intel® Core™ i3 Processor 3.1 GHz Memory: 4 GB Display Resolution: 1280 x 1024 Disk Space: 500 GB
Installation for management of multiple systems on a dedicated PC:CPU-Type: Intel® Core™ i7 Processor Memory: 8 GB Display Resolution: 1280 x 1024 Disk Space: 2 TB


What are some common applications areas for this product?
Common applications include but are not limited to:

  • Power Utilities and Distribution
  • UPS Systems
  • Data Centers
  • Telecom/Communications
  • CATV Broadcasting
  • Transportation Operations
  • Government/Defense
  • Generators
  • Hospitals
  • Battery Suppliers and Manufacturers

Can Centroid Snet 2 be installed on a virtual machine?
Yes, as long as the hardware requirements are met.

Is there a charge for software updates?
No, all software updates are provided at no cost.

Is Centroid Snet 2 web-based?
No, Centroid is not web-based. Centroid communicates over a private network that uses private IP address space. Within the network, client versions of the software can be installed to access the data from multiple computers.

How many battery monitoring systems can the software manage?
The exact number of systems depends on the amount of data being captured. For example, a 240-cell battery system will provide more data than a 24-cell system. The general range for the number of systems the software can manage is 300 to 400 systems depending on their size. Configurations over 100 systems require higher end server specifications.

What types of data can be exported from the software?
There are 2 file formats: PDF and Excel. When exporting to PDF, the data at the time of export is formatted into a PDF report which can be saved. Exporting to Excel allows data from any specific date, or all data from the life of the system to be exported.

What type of alerts does the software provide?
Within the software, the status of the system will change to "Warning" or "Fail" depending on the condition of the active alarm. When viewing an individual system, there is a summary pane of all active alarms. Additonally, Email/SMS alarming can be configured for external alarming.

How is Centroid Snet 2 compatible with Modbus?
Centroid 2 has the capability to output measurement data for each system via Modbus protocol. This feature requires that the computer or server Centroid is installed on has at least 2 LAN ports. The data from all the BMS installed in the field comes in one LAN port, and the software then outputs Modbus through the other port.

What data is recorded during a discharge test?
When a discharge is detected, the BMS will continuatlly measure system voltage, load current, cell voltage, and time. These values will be recorded and saved in a discharge history log.


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