DCPS-FRS-2421K Rectifier Shelf & Battery Control Module

Model # DCPS-FRS-2421K

The DCPS-FRS-2421K is a 19-inch wide, 4RU height, intelligently-controlled +27 VDC output rectifier shelf. The DCPS-FRS-2421K control module interfaces with up to (4) hot-swappable NDRM-2100F rectifier modules in the basic shelf. An optional expansion shelf can stack with the basic shelf to provide an additional 12 KW (another 400 A) with up to 4 additional rectifiers.

Each rectifier module provides a regulated +27 VDC output with up to 100 A current. The rectifier modules are hot-swappable, actively current-share with other NRDM-2100F modules, and support redundancy. The basic shelf supports external battery back-up and provides a single 100 A rated battery breaker with battery low voltage disconnect (LVD) protection.

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Technical Specs

Input Voltage:P2W 240 VAC (176 - 298 VAC)(Derating under 176 VAC)
Output Voltage:Default +27 VDC (24 to 29.7 VDC adjustable)
Output Current:800A Max (2.76 KW X 8 modules)
Operating Temperature:-40 – 75 °C (-40 – 167 °F)
Storage Temperature:-40 – 85 °C (-40 - 185 °F)
Humidity:Operating: 0 – 90% (Non-Condensing)
Storage: 0 – 95% (Non-Condensing)
Cooling:Fan cooling
Altitude2000 m (6566 ft)
Size (WxDxH):482.6 x 460.9 x 177 mm
Communication Interface:RS485, CAN
(1)For the full specifications on this product, see the catalog sheet under the Downloads section of this page.


  • Hot pluggable
  • N+1 redundancy
  • Modular design for accommodating high power applications
  • 19 inch rack mount type
  • Low voltage disconnect for battery protection (LVD)
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