DCPS-Shelf-9KW DC Power Shelf

Model # DCPS-Shelf-9KW

The DCPS-Shelf-9KW is a 2U 19” rack mountable integrated power system which provides up to 166 Amps at -54VDC with the RM48-3K or 111 Amps with the RM48-2K 96% efficient rectifiers.The distribution section provides the ability to terminate 2 battery strings each with its own battery disconnect circuit breaker. 10 load breaker positions are provided and are configured in two groups of 5, each with its own low voltage disconnect to allow for load shedding.

Control and alarm reporting is handled by the CM-48-KA which includes a display and keypad for direct on site access of key data. Set up of all key parameters can be done locally using the RS-232 port and a custom application or via the web interface. Support for industry protocols such a Modbus or SNMP V2/V3 can be specified.

The DC power shelf is a telecom power solution designed to be compatible with the Eagle Eye RM-48-2K and RM-48-3K Rectifier Modules, as well as the RM-48-KA Control Module.

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Technical Specs

General Specifications:(1)
Input Voltage:1P3W 240VAC (Nominal 176 - 264V AC)
Output Voltage:DEFAULT -54.0VDC (-42 to 58 VDC adjustable)
Output Current:6KWatt Max (2KW 3 modules)
9KWatt Max (3KW 3 modules)
Operating Temperature:-40 – 75°C, Derating above 55°C: 2KW
(-40 – 167ºF, Derating above 131ºF: 2KW)
-40 – 75°C Derating above 45°C: 3KW
(-40 – 167ºF, Derating above 113°F: 3KW)
Storage Temperature:-40 – 80°C (-40 – 176ºF)
Humidity:Operating: 0 – 90% (Non-Condensing)
Storage: 0 – 90% (Non-Condensing)
Cooling:Fan cooling
Altitude2000 m (6566 ft)
Size (WxDxH):482 x 500 x 88.8 mm
(18.98 x 19.69 x 3.5 in)
Standards & ApprovalsUL/cUL: 60950-1
EMI: FCC Part 15b/ICES 003
Communication Interface:RS232, TCP/IP, CAN, SNMPv3
(1)For the full specifications on this product, see the catalog sheet under the Downloads section of this page.


What are some common applications areas for this product?
Common applications include but are not limited to:

  • Telecom - Wireless and Outside Plant
  • Network
  • Broadband/Cable

What are the benefits of having “hot swappable” rectifier modules?
The rectifier modules may be individually removed from or added to the shelf without turning off or interrupting the system. This allows for easy maintenance and added flexibility. The rectifier modules will also function independent of the control module.

What kind of protection features are utilized in the DCPS 9KW?
The DCPS 9KW offers undervoltage and overvoltage protection on the input side, and overvoltage, power derating, and thermal protection at the output.

What parameters can be displayed on the control module LED screen?
Output and input voltage, rectifier setup values and alarms, rectifier temperature, battery charge/discharge current, and output currents for individual modules (or all modules) may be displayed.


  • High efficiency, 96% typical
  • Up to 9 KW of power
  • 2RU height, hot swappable rectifiers
  • Low voltage disconnect for battery protection (BLVD)
  • Automatic battery charging
  • Control Module for full alarms and monitoring
  • Modular design for accommodating high power applications
  • Web-Based Software: TCP/IP, RS485 or 422, SNMPv3

More Info

The DCPS-Shelf-9KW is compatible with the following RM-Series Power Rectifiers & Control Module:

RM-48-2K Rectifier Module

The Eagle Eye RM-48-2K is a 2,000W high efficiency rectifier and is suited for today’s critical power needs. This hot swappable rectifier is used as part of a system and provides constant, electric power control.

RM-48-3K Rectifier Module

The Eagle Eye RM-48-3K is a 3,000W high efficiency full wave rectifier and is suited for today’s critical power needs. This hot swappable rectifier is used as part of a system and provides constant, electric power control.

RM-48-KA Electronic Control Module

The RM-48-KA is a pluggable microprocessor controller that provides monitoring and control for our highly efficient DC Power Systems. The Controller monitors all systems parameters including DC voltage, rectifier current, rectifier temperature, system capacity, battery parameters, and circuit breaker status.

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