ENC-2000 Aluminum Enclosure

Model # ENC-2000

Product Description

The ENC-2000 Aluminum Enclosure is designed to protect your equipment in the harshest of environments. Constructed to meet high-quality standards, the ENC-2000 protects your equipment from the worst mother nature can throw at it. Heat kills, especially sensitive electronics. This enclosure is equipped with a Solar Shielded roof to shield your electronics from the destructive effects of Solar load. The ENC-2000 can also be equipped with air conditioning, heat exchangers and/or fans to create the optimal environment for your electronics.

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Technical Specs

Standard Options:
Color / Finish:Beige, gray, white, custom
Other Options:Door Alarm
Battery Compartment
Upgraded Copper Ground Bar
Additional Set of Rails
Load Center
Battery Tray
Generator Plug and Interlock
Insulation (recommended for climate control options
Climate Control Options:
HVAC 1,000 to 12,000 BTU/hr:Built-in heater, corrision protector, cold start heater
HVAC 1,000 to 6,000 BTU/hr*:48 VDC powered
Exhaust Fan:115 VAC / 12, 24, 48 VDC, adjustable thermostat, filters
Heat Exchanger:Consult factory for sizes
Heater:Built in adjustable thermostat, 100 – 1000 W 115 VAC
Battery Heater Pad:115 VAC, fits on battery tray


What are the available options for mounting the enclosure?
Due to its large size, the ENC-2000 is not mountable.

Is the ENC-2000 enclosure insulated?
The ENC-2000 does not come standard with insulation, but insulation may be ordered for the enclosure as a custom option. If using with climate control, insulation is recommended.

Is the ENC-2000 enclosure certified to any standards?
Yes, the ENC-2000 is UL certified and also complies with NEMA protection standards.


  • .125 Aircraft Grade Aluminum: Outstanding corrosion resistance
  • NEMA Protection:
  • This enclosure protects against rain, sleet, snow, splashing water and damage from external ice formation
  • Stainless Steel Hardware: We choose the highest quality materials to produce our enclosures. Type 304 stainless steel hardware will not rust in the field
  • GR487 Powder Coat: Enclosures are powder coated and tested to the Telcordia GR487 specifications for telecom enclosures
  • Power: Pre-wired 20 Amp receptacles are a standard feature
  • Numbered Adjustable Equipment Racks: 19″ or 23″
  • Solar Shield Roof: Includes a double wall roof to reduce the radiant heat and internal cooling requirements of the enclosure
  • Ground Terminal Strip: 12 position aluminum strip
  • Locking: Extremely secure, strong and impermeable. Lockable handles and hinges are made from Type 304 steel
  • Lifting Eyes: Crane ready lifting eyes for convenient way to offload and position your enclosure
  • Battery Compartment
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