SIS-1000-Series Inverter System

Model # SIS-1000-Series

Eagle Eye’s SIS-1000-Series is an upscale stand alone pure sine wave inverter providing AC supply. It is the cornerstone of an AC backup solution compatible with any kind of DC Power system.

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Technical Specs

General Specifications:*
EMC (Immunity):EN 61000-4-2 up to 6
EMC (Emission):EN 55022 (Class A)
Safety:IEC 60950-1- EN62040-1-1
MTBF:240,000 hrs
Dielectric Strength DC/AC:4,300 VDC
True Redundant Systems Compliant:3 disconnection levels on AC out and DC in power ports
4 disconnection levels on AC in port
Vibration:GR63 office vibration 0 to 100 Hz-0.1 g / transport vibration 5-100 Hz 0.5 g 100 to 500 Hz-1.5 g / drop test
Operating Conditions:Designed for installation in an IP20 or IP21 environment.
When installed in a dusty or corrosive environment, appropriate measures (air filtering) must be taken.
Ambient Temperature:-20 – 50°C (-4 – 122ºF)
Storage Temperature:-40 – 70°C (-40 – 158ºF),
Humidity:95 % non-condensing
*For the full specifications on this product, see the catalog sheet under the Downloads section of this page.


What is the nominal output power of the SIS-1000-Series?
The SIS-1000-Series is available in three versions which provide the following output power ratings: 500 VA (400 W), 800 VA (640 W), or 1500 VA (1200 W).

What overload capacity can the SIS-1000 safely handle?
The SIS-1000-Series has a permanent overload capacity of 110% (within the nominal temperature range), and a short time overload capacity of 150% for 15s.

What is the typical efficiency of the SIS-1000-Series?
The SIS-1000-Series has 92% Enhanced Power Conversion efficiency and 89% On Line efficiency for the 500 VA and 800 VA versions. For the 1500 VA version, the SIS-1000 has 94% Enhanced Power Conversion efficiency and 90% On Line efficiency.


  • Permanent AC to AC double conversion
  • Great disturbance rejection rate
  • Short depth, allow 300mm rack integration
  • Operates up to 65°C (derating applies from 50°C)
  • AC output with 15-15R NEMA socket
  • 500 VA and 1000 VA capacity available

More Info

Extra Features / Software

  • Compact , friendly Plug & Play
  • Suitable for racks and wall mount applications

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